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Drill Doctor® Work Sharp Wood Tool Sharpeners

Drill Doctor Work Sharp-wood Tool Sharpener

2" sharpening port max

This innovative dry sharpening system produces predictable and accurate results every time on a multitude of chisels, plane irons, lathe tools, carving tools and more

Item Code: 244-WS3000

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Drill Doctor® WS2000 Knife Sharpening System Attachments

Drill Doctor Knife Sharpening Systemfor Work Sharp 2000

Useful as a general grinder capable of precision detailed grinding/honing on many materials

This innovative, dry knife sharpening system uses abrasive belt technology to create and maintain perfectly sharpened and honed knives, even serrated edged blades

Item Code: 244-WSSA0002009

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

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